OT Security Journey

Secolve can expedite your  OT security journey no matter where you currently are. Whether you have regulatory obligations, digital transformation drivers or defining your current state, our team can help you mature your journey. Let Secolve guide you through every stage of your OT security journey Factors including automation, Industry 4.0 and the increased implementation… Continue reading OT Security Journey

Offensive Security

The best defense is good offense. Red teaming, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and table-top simulations should form part of your core strategy. Should I concentrate on defensive or offensive security? The answer is both. Defensive Security Review, assess and harden your defenses to ensure your OT environment is well protected against cyber-attacks.   FIND MORE Architectural… Continue reading Offensive Security

OT Advisory & GRC

The OT industry is in a state of transition and facing more challenges than ever before. Protecting operational technology from a cyber threats is far from straightforward. It often requires a different skillset which is hard to find.   In addition to understanding the traditional IT requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability, we focus on… Continue reading OT Advisory & GRC

24×7 OT Platform

Built on a powerful proprietary technological stack. Operationalized by 24/7 analyst driven continuous monitoring, hunting and response. The outcomes we deliver clients are validated breaches that are investigated, contained and remediated. All incidents are aligned to the kill chain and Mitre ATT&CK frameworks and contain detailed investigative actions and recommendations that your organisation follows to… Continue reading 24×7 OT Platform


Reduce risk by designing, building and deploying better OT environments Let Secolve assist your organisation with industry- leading security approaches to OT/ICS challenges Accelerate your ICS/OT security at the same speed as your digital transformation Good cyber-resilience relies on good risk management – identifying risks early on in your ICS/OT journey is paramount to understanding… Continue reading Professional