Reduce risk by designing, building and deploying better OT environments

Let Secolve assist your organisation with industry-
leading security approaches to OT/ICS challenges

Accelerate your ICS/OT security at the same speed as your digital transformation

Good cyber-resilience relies on good risk management – identifying risks early on in your ICS/OT journey is paramount to understanding how your people, processes and technology handles and responds to threats.

Only once you know your current state, can you accelerate your future. Prioritisation of projects based on risk allows you to develop responses to those risks in the form of security awareness and education, technical deployments, vulnerability management, automated playbooks, policy and process improvements and managed services.

Asset Discovery

OT security starts with an accurate asset inventory. Discover OT assets like you do IT ones.

Health Checks

Discover howyour business is protected from common cyberthreats and highlight issues that require attention – based on the Australian Signal Directorate’ Essential Eight.

ICS/OT Third-party
Risk Assessments

Don’t leave your reliance on third-parties to chance – they could be the weakest link in your defence.

Threat Intelligence

Enhance your security by analysing billions of events in real-time that threaten your OT/ICS networks.

Security Awareness

Build your OT team’s security awareness through education and give OT/ICS risk greater visibility within your board and management team.

Incident Response

Be prepared and ready for incidents with plans and procedures. Understand your gaps and create solid operational processes.


of organisations implemented new forms
of OT technology in the last two years.


but only 16%

undertook IT/OT convergence.

Source: Essence Communications and Research – August 2020
– Understanding OT in Australian Business 2020

Organisations with OT environments need to be better.

Stop being challenged by growth and digital transformation.

Let Secolve provide your organisation with practical security solutions to
enhance your OT/ICS operations.