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      OT Cyber Security Awareness Training

      Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are on the rise and could have significant impacts for your organisation and surrounding community.


      We built OT-SAT, a video-based training platform, for critical infrastructure teams to get cyber aware on-demand to suit their busy schedules.


      Our training has been created by leading experts in the field and is already uplifting cyber security awareness in mining, manufacturing, and energy companies across Australia and globally.

      Our mission is to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats

      OT-SAT is an OT cyber security awareness training platform designed to provide outcome-based training for OT engineers, users, IT staff, and corporate executives through short and easily digestible videos.


      OT-SAT covers a comprehensive suite of OT cyber security awareness training video modules. This allows team members to watch the videos and complete the training at their own pace, whilst allowing managers to track each individual’s progression of the training.

      The OT-SAT difference

      Outcome-based training

      Designed by OT experts with hands-on OT experience

      Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as AESCSF, NIS2, and NCA OTCC

      Build a cyber-safe OT culture

      Short and easily digestible videos supported by exercises

      Demystify operational technology

      Source: Forrester 2024

      Create a cyber-safe OT culture