The OT industry is in a state of transition and facing more challenges than ever before.

Protecting operational technology from a cyber-attack is far from straightforward.

It often requires a different skillset which is hard to find.


In addition to understanding the traditional IT requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability, we focus on

the key requirements to preserve the safety and reliability of critical OT/ICS environments.

Do you know what cyber risks are present in your existing systems?

IT/ OT convergence and the increasing use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in order to remain competitive, means that traditional OT security practises are no longer valid.

The regulatory landscape is also changing, with new reforms in the Critical Infrastructure Act, which will affect many more sectors and organisations. At Secolve, our experts can help guide you through the compliance journey and understand your current and future landscapes.

Why is GRC
so important
to OT security?

  1. Ability to measure against a consistent benchmark.
  2. Utilise best practices that guide cyber and OT/ICS security capabilities.
  3. Enables the prioritisation of issues, actions
    and investment in security for OT/ICS.
  4. Ultimately strengthens the organisations
    security posture and reduces risk.
  5. It pays to be prepared.

How we help industry

Risk Assessments

Perform a scenario-based risk assessment to identify and address your most critical OT security risks and threats.

Strategy & Road Map Development

Understand your current OT security state and develop a road map and strategy to uplift your OT security posture and cyber resilience in line with OT security best practices.

ISMS remediation assistance

Secolve can help you address your gaps to achieve compliance and regulatory requirements.

Third Party Risk Assessment

Secolve is focused on helping companies reduce their cybersecurity risk from their supply chain and develop Third Party Risk Management Programs.

Policies Review & Development

Review and develop critical OT security policies including Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Gap Assessments & Compliance Audits

Align and comply with OT ISMS Frameworks – AESCSF, ISA/IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82, C2M2, ACSC Essential 8, ISO31000 and ISO27001.

Over 75%

of executives report that their organizations either have NO method to measure cyber risk (49%)


or even don’t know

if their organization measures risk exposure (27%).

Source: Marsh & McLennan Agency, Managing Cybersecurity: The Cyber Risk Perception Survey, 2018

Are you one of them?

Don’t let challenges in enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and vendor management make you a statistic.

Let Secolve provide your organisation a clear approach to audit and
assessment, framework alignment and compliance.