Below are some examples of engagements Secolve & the team has been involved in.


A Secolve team member led an OT asset discovery project for a global manufacturing firm across APAC. The project involved conducting physical and logical assessments across multiple sites and factories. Additionally, subject matter expertise was provided to analyse and provide recommendations for future remediation activities.

Oil and Gas

A multinational oil and gas company engaged a team member to test the resilience of their service stations to physical, social and cyber-attacks. A tailored approach to suit the criticality of the environment that simulated a real-world Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor was designed. The outcome of such an attack could lead into catastrophic financial and human life losses. A chain of risks and vulnerabilities was identified and exploited to compromise internal operational and payment networks, without detection.

Shipping & Transportation

A fully automated shipping terminal employed a team member to assist with the wireless security and performance. Over the course of several years, we uplifted the overall security posture and resilience of the environment. Given the fully automated nature of the terminal, specific precautions had to be taken to ensure no disruption to normal day to day operation.


A mining company hired Secolve for our Security Awareness Training for OT engineers. This was delivered over two half days. These are interactive and useful sessions to engage the OT team on cyber security risks associated with OT environments.