NIST SP 800-82 Revision 3 highlights and key differences

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the final version of Special Publication 800-82 Revision 3. In this blog, we’ll give a high-level overview of the NIST SP 800-82 cyber security framework and look at the core updates and improvements covered in Revision 3, as compared to the previous 2 versions.    NIST SP… Continue reading NIST SP 800-82 Revision 3 highlights and key differences

What is NIST-CSF?

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF) was born out of the need for a standardised approach to cyber security and has evolved into a versatile tool used globally. In this blog, we explore a high-level overview of the NIST-CSF, including its origins and structure. We’ll also explore its application in the Australian critical infrastructure landscape,… Continue reading What is NIST-CSF?

What is the AESCSF?

The Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF) offers a tailored approach to bolstering cyber security for OT environments within Australia’s energy sector. In this blog, we provide an overview of this framework, explore its role in the uplifting security standards in Australian operational technology (OT) systems, as well as potential challenges that organisations may encounter… Continue reading What is the AESCSF?

Why organisations need OT security awareness training

Critical infrastructure organisations underpin the functioning of society, relying on operational technology (OT) systems and industrial control systems (ICS), to manage and control crucial operations, from power plants to transportation networks. However, as technology advances, so do the risks of cyber threats and attacks targeting these critical systems.     Securing traditional OT environments requires a… Continue reading Why organisations need OT security awareness training

What is ISA/IEC 62443?

There are numerous options for cyber security frameworks and standards and choosing the right one for securing your operational technology (OT) can be a daunting task. The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards has emerged as a prominent choice for organisations looking for a framework for implementing and maintaining security within industrial automation and control systems… Continue reading What is ISA/IEC 62443?

5 cyber security frameworks and standards you need to know

Critical infrastructure organisations are facing cyber threats more than ever in this ever-evolving landscape. Protecting assets and ensuring our communities are safe from these cyber threats starts with understanding and adopting established cyber security frameworks that provide structured guidelines and best practices. These frameworks serve as valuable blueprints, helping organisations build resilient defences. But with… Continue reading 5 cyber security frameworks and standards you need to know

What is the CIRMP?

The Australian Government signed off on the Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP) as the final part of the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act updates in February 2023. If you’re an Australian critical infrastructure organisation it’s likely that these updates will apply to you, but what does it all really mean? In this article,… Continue reading What is the CIRMP?

OT Cyber Security Meetups

Operational technology (OT) is the backbone of our critical infrastructure. It powers our cities, transport systems, energy plants, and manufacturing operations. With the rapid digitalisation of OT systems and the rise in cyber threats, securing our OT has become a top priority for organisations across different sectors. As cyber security challenges continue to evolve, it’s… Continue reading OT Cyber Security Meetups